EUROTRANS is not responsible for preparing national or international standards, but it has considered that it is necessary to promote the knowledge and use of International Standards (ISO) among manufacturers and users, in order to persuade manufacturers to participate to a greater extend in their national standardisation committees to develop standards which reflect their needs and capabilities in the best possible way.

Equivalence between ISO Standards and National Standards concerning gear technology

ISO/TC 14 "Shafts for machinery and accessories"
ISO/TC 14/WG 1 " Shafts"

ISO/TC 60 "Gears"
ISO/TC 60/WG 2 "Accuracy of gears"

ISO/TC 60/SC 1 "Nomenclature and wormgearing"
ISO/TC 60/SC 1/WG 3 "Gear cutting tools"
ISO/TC 60/SC 1/WG 4 "Terminology and notation of gears"
ISO/TC 60/SC 1/WG 7 "Worm gears"
ISO/TC 60 /SC 2 "Gear capacity calculation"
ISO/TC 60/SC 2/WG 6 "Gear calculations"
ISO/TC 60/SC 2/WG 11 "High speed enclosed helical gear units"
ISO/TC 60/SC 2/WG 12 "Load carrying capacity test of oils"
ISO/TC 60/SC 2/WG 13 "Bevel gears"
ISO/TC 60/SC 2/WG 14 "Strength and quality of materials"
ISO/TC 60/SC 2/WG 15 "Micropitting"

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