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The problem of Product Piracy or better Intellectual Property Rights IPR is an increasing global problem especially for our member companies in Europe. EUROTRANS has the target to collect information, what kind of possibilities are still existing to help our companies, which activities started or are planned to start and what kind of possibilities are there for EUROTRANS to get a voice in Europe regarding this matter.

In the EU Commission, the Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry is the organisation which is in charge of the matter IPR / Counterfeiting.

The main problems not only for SMEs is the fact that most companies haven’t saved their rights and patents. Often there doesn’t exist an IPR Strategy in the companies. But this is the basis for all activities all over the world and especially in China to have the possibility to fight against Counterfeiting.

The EU can help, especially her Directorate, but they need practical examples from the market. For successful intervention in such markets this will be the basis.

The EU Commission has the following direct activities/projects to support our companies:

-  EU Helpdesk (planned for 2008)

-  China Helpdesk in Beijing (planned for 2008)

-  EU China IPR Working Group (also open for industrial persons)

-  Alliances between EU/Japan and EU/USA in case of IPR

-  A kind of handbook how to be prepared for counterfeiting

-  Seminars for SME’s of different branches

-  EU – IPR Awarness and Enforcement project 2008


The following steps could be helpful for our member companies:

1. an internal IPR Strategy in each company

2. to register your rights/patents in your markets (not only in Europe)

3. to have all documents at shows, in each office readily available, for a quick reaction – keep the documents by your hand

4. Information – Customers, Associations, Commission:

    a. Collect information about your product lifecycle

    b. Stronger agreements with distributors

    c. Awareness of risks and costs


If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact your national association.



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