European Drive Technology EUROTRANS expects growth of 7% in 2021

At the annual spring meeting of the EUROTRANS board, growth of at least 7% was forecast for the power transmission engineering industry in the European region. Most customer groups and markets are sending positive signals.

The industry has had a good start into the year, but expectations are clouded by the current difficulties and bottlenecks for input materials (steel, plastic parts, electronic components, wood packaging) and transport costs along the global supply chains. Currently, there are already supply difficulties, which then lead to global overbooking, fuelling shortages and adding to cost pressures.

Despite these challenges, the industry considers itself well positioned. The main current issues for the companies are digitalization - whether in products, production and processes - and sustainability.  The web-based training courses, which were reorganized as a result of the pandemic, are also very well attended.

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