In case you missed it the British Gear Association Webinar – Mechanical Power Transmission & the Joy of Gears presented by Graham Penning of Contact Gearing is available to watch on the BGA Youtube channel now:

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Webinar Content
This webinar outlines how mechanical power transmission has been used throughout history to create and develop the machines that have now become essential to our civilization and way of life. Many transmissions exploit gears and gearboxes to both control motion and allow the prime mover and driven machine to run at their ideal conditions. The critical role gears play is explained and how for more than 2000 years, gear engineers have had to embrace and understand all aspects of mechanical engineering. As new technologies emerge this challenge continues, providing exciting opportunities for all engineers involved with gears and gearboxes.

Whilst the inescapable truth is that gears are used, not because we want them, but because we need them, hidden within is the secret joy associated with gears and this will be revealed during the course.

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