Other seminars

Essential Gear Training: Gear Stress Analysis in Newcastle from 21-22 April 2020

This seminar will give you the opportunity to understand and explore the stress analysis procedures published in ISO 6336:2006 and discuss ideas and implications with other members of the industry. Futher, you will get introduced to strategies for maximizing gear performance, increasing power density and minimizing manufacturing costs and risk.

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Essential Gear Training: Gear Wear and Failure Recognition on 3 March 2020 at Newcastle University

The seminar gives delegates an insight into the appearance and underlying causes of gear failure modes. No prior gear knowledge is required. It provides gear manufacturers and users with the necessary skills to examine, assess and recognise common gear failure modes. The seminar content is applicable to gear designers, gear service personnel, operators and users of valuable equipment, inspection and certification bodies who need to confidently examine gears and gearboxes and those new to the gear industry.
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BGA Gear Training: An introduction to Gear Design & Geometry on 26 February 2020 at Newcastle University

Gear geometry is thought to be complex and often considered a ‘black art’. This seminar will dispel this myth and provide delegates with a basic knowledge of spur and helical gear geometry and how gears work. No prior gear knowledge is required.

The Seminar will cover:
•    How involute gears work 
•    An introduction to the involute gear geometry standard ISO 21771, BGA Code of Practice 07 and gear terms and symbols
•    The basic rack, cutting tools and basic gear sums relating to spur and helical gears o Gear pairs, centre distance, working pressure angles, tooth thickness and backlash
•    Non-standard geometry, contact ratios and start of active profile calculations
•    Plenty of examples to work through – please make sure you bring a basic scientific calculator!

Key skills and knowledge:
At the end of the seminar you will understand how gears work, be competent with basic calculations relating to gear geometry, understand the basic terms and symbols and have a greater understanding of what is happening when you use gear software packages. Design, manufacture and inspection processes make more sense when you understand gear geometry.

This course is officially recognised as complying with universally accepted principles of Continual Professional Development (CPD) and have been structured to meet the criteria of personal development plans.
CPD certification means that the content and structure of the courses have been independently assessed and approved for multi-disciplinary and industry-wide continuing personal and professional development purposes.

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BGA GEAR FOUNDATION DAY on 5 February 2020 at the BGA Training Centre in Sunderland, UK

For more information and the registration procedure, please go to https://bga.org.uk/book-now-gear-foundation-day/

BGA TECHNICAL AWARENESS SEMINAR on 14th November 2019 at Renishaw PLC in Gloucestershire

The British Gear Association is the UK Centre of Technical Excellence for gear design, manufacture & application technologies. The Annual Technical Awareness Event is the leading conference for the Gear Industry in the UK and this long running seminar is considered an essential event for manufacturers, distributors and academics involved in the UK Gears Industry.

This year this prestigious event takes place at Renishaw PLC with an onsite tour of the manufacturing facility for Gears 2019 delegates.

For more information on the program, registration, accomodation, etc. please read here the full press release.

Educational activities of the member associations

Trainings and seminars about technical and management issues are organized by EUROTRANS' member associations 

ASSIOT, Italian Association of Gears and Transmission Elements Manufacturers: Training Courses 

BGA, British Gear Association: BGA Trainings/Seminars

VDMA, German Power Transmission Association: Research Association for Drive Technology FVA

For further information, please contact the member associations directly. Most of these activities are in the national language.

Well-educated and well-trained employees are the basis for the successful future of the power transmission industry. For EUROTRANS and its member associations, training people in key technologies of our industry is of the utmost importance.

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