FREE online Event "The Global Production Language - OPC UA Companion Specifications"

On November 10th 2020, a world first, immersive online event specialized on OPC UA Companion Specifications will take place - conveniently from your home office.

You will learn more about the approaches and scope of published or currently being developed OPC UA Companion Specifications for the mechanical and plant engineering industry.
The key notes cover the following topics:
•    the Role of OPC UA standards for the mechanical engineering industry by the VDMA, 
•    updates on OPC UA activities and harmonization approaches of the OPC Foundation, 
•    why umati will stregthen the adoption of OPC UA standards world wide and
•    how "OPC UA for Machinery" harmonization of OPC UA standards for mechanical engineering industry will serve as the basis for every upcomeing OPC UA Companion Specification.

The event will be free of charge held in English for all interested parties worldwide including non OPC UA experts and interested parties who want to get a first idea of OPC UA and the upcomeing standards.
Further information, as well as the free registration can be found here:
More information and registration

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